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OOHS Visual Arts

Please check with your child's teacher's Schoology page for grading policies, calendars and assignments. As the year continues this webpage will be updated with department-based news and information. Thank you! 

Art Exhibitions! 

Coming up shows and winner results will be posted as they are available. 

February 2020 - Scholastics Regional Art Exhibition at CCAD's Canzani Center

  • Matt Brady - Gold Key - Photo

  • Khang Van - Honorable Mention - CG

  • Nick Larivee - Honorable Mention - CG

  • Amira D'Jafi - Honorable Mention - Jewelry

February 2020 - Delaware County High School Exhibition at the Delaware Arts Castle

  • Winners will be posted once available. Orange has a display of 38 pieces from all mediums. 

Lots of things going on around town right now! Get out an experience ART! 

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library - on OSU's campus, the largest cartoon library in the world, civil rights exhibit going on presently.
Columbus Museum of Art - show about money and art, how we place value on art. 
Peach Blow Pottery - Local ceramics artist Gail Russell has open houses on occasion, check out her website. Beautiful work!!
The Wexner Center- want to experience modern art that will challenge what you think about art? Go to the Wexner Center!
Columbus Cultural Arts Center- has a nice gallery and inexpensive art classes for all ages. 

The primary function of this page is to provide an outlet for the creativity of our students. The work depicted is the sole effort of the student and is not for commercial use without the expressed permission of the individual. If you have any questions about the website or images herein please email Stephanie Forney.